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6 Features Dispatch Software Should Have

There is no better time to use the best dispatch software. And the demand for delivery operations has never been better.

In order to meet these challenges in service type and customer satisfaction, businesses may hire more drivers and engage contracted fleets.

However, to efficiently fulfill, considering driver efficiency, costs to deliver, and increase in demand, businesses should be wiser on how they use and dispatch fleets.

That is where dispatch software comes in handy. The best dispatching software can free your time so as to concentrate on improving resource management, fuel cost, and service speed. To achieve this, you might want to ensure your software has the following features:

1.      Automated Scheduling

Automated scheduling helps to determine which agents need to visit which sites and with what packages/tools/information. By allowing communication between customers, agents, and service providers, dispatching software, along with automated messages, can save you time. This results in increased productivity.

Intelligent dispatching software can strengthen the delivery cycle by involving everyone. After all, complete automation minimizes human intervention. That means the workforce will be dedicated to logistics.

2.      GPS Tracking

Optimized routes that route planners produce can’t do you any good if your workers fail to follow the route you provide them with.

This is why you require GPS tracking. The feature can show you real-time location so that you may ensure they stick to their routes and stay on schedule.

3.      Integration Capabilities

It is vital to look for a dispatch system, which may integrate with the existing system. With this, you won’t find it necessary to start things from scratch. The right dispatching software can integrate systems like the following:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Account

4.      Dynamic Optimization and Route Planning

As the name suggests, the dispatch software solution is a collection of modules. A route planning software solution is one of the most important components.

Such a tool will help you automate and standardize scheduling for serviced routes depending on the existing rules. In addition, they generate routines for non-standard or one-off journeys.

5.      Work Orders

If you are running an HVAC business, using this software will enable your operators to schedule urgent orders.

Technicians may update work orders depending on everything that is happening. If they require help, staff in the office can see those updates on time.

Using a work order through a mobile app as well means there won’t be more panicking calls to notify technicians of the latest updates.

6.      Scalability

As your business grows, operations and functions unavoidably change to accommodate this growing force. With the best dispatching software, your team can be calm, bogged down, and produce optimal schedules. This leads to less than optimal results.

The Bottom Line!

Customers always expect nothing but the best. If your servicing teams are unable to provide the best experiences your customers need, competitors will.

Smarter technological advancements will make a great difference by automating dispatching and scheduling while you concentrate on your clients.

The right dispatching software will make your operations more cost-effective, productive, and responsive. So, in general, dispatching software is key to improved customer customization and timely deliveries.